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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Week 64- Better safe than Sorry

Big storm came in this last weekend and we almost got 12 minutes of rain! Kind of a huge deal made about a less than average day but better safe than sorry and it's definitely a good thing the typhoon did not hit Manila. A large storm in the city here would killed thousands of people because of the poverty and impossibility of evacuating. The typhoon season is over so most likely I will survive my time in the Philippines...unless the massive fault line that goes straight through Manila is set off and the entire city is destroyed....but what are the chances in that! (experts say 1/3) Just kidding mom! It's actually pretty incredible to see how resilient the filipeno people are. They spend 6 months of the year in the midst of typhoons and tropical storms and then they spend the next 6 months rebuilding and preparing for the next rainy season. All the while no complaints are made, that's just kinda how life is and they adjust to meet whatever comes their way.

Elder Ehlert and I have been working hard with the leaders in our ward to really get the work going in Lagro. Brother Duncan Domagsang, a 2 week RM, just got called as our new ward mission leader and we had a FANTASTIC coordination meeting last Tuesday. All of the ward leaders gathered at the Bishop's house and we presented our plan for the 2015 year. We plan on starting by visiting all of the members of the ward to give a very short 15 minute visit. Asking for no referral but leaving small commitments as we would any investigator. Such as fellow shipping another family or reading a few verses or sitting in on one of our lessons to an investigator. Anything to get the family feeling the power of the Holy Ghost through real missionary experiences. Not only will this first and foremost strengthen the members, but in turn lead to a greater desire to share the Gospel with their neighbors. As true conversion always requires an increase in desire to share received blessings with others. Lehi's vision of the tree of life as well as Alma the Younger's conversion and the conversion of the Apostle Saul all point to an immediate desire to bring truth unto others as they tasted of the fruits of repentance for themselves.

Along with a few other ideas that were bounced around that night, the outcome was certainly one of excitement to take Lagro to new heights, especially in strength of priesthood. We have an incredible core leadership in the ward, a great place to start when trying to strengthen and expand our missionary effort while simultaneously trying to "perfect the saints".
Since Tuesday we have had the opportunity to visit several families in the ward and committed each one to bring a neighbor/friend to the ward Christmas party on Monday. Should be an awesome week in celebrating the like of the Savior! We have a Ward Party, 2 Christmas conference an office activity next weekend. It's the most wonderful time of the year!!!

Elder Krueger T

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