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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week 56 - Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween! 

Or since that doesn't exist in the Philippines, Happy All Souls Day! If you are unaware of this holiday it occurs once a year on November 1st in which every person gets the day off. Every man, woman, and child will then spend the night at the local cemetery getting rip-roaring drunk and gambling on the graves. Kinda weird, but might be a great place to go give out some pamphlets about the Plan of Salvation, we'll see! 

Our first of 5 zone conferences was this past Wednesday in which the Kalookan and Meycauyan zones gathered together here at the mission office from 8AM to 5PM for a day or workshops, trainings, practice teaching, and even a testimony meeting towards the end. Elder Ehlert and I gave 2 workshops, the first on effective use of scriptures in teaching the Atonement, Resurrection, and Judgment. The other on Weekly planning, focusing specifically on seeing/planning for people's needs over numbers with the goal of increase our efficency & percentage of our mission's current and future investigators baptized and confirm. 

After the conference we gathered up 12 elders & sisters from around the mission to come in for a musical number practice in preparation of the visit from 2 general authorities. On Thursday Elder Robbins of the 7 Presidents of the 70 and Elder Bowen of the First Quorom of the 70 came to visit our mission. Both gave very inspiring messages garnered toward more efficient planning, which was close along the lines of the workshops we gave the day before, which was kinda cool to see. 

After the conference we went on exchanges with the Malolos Zone Leaders and I spent the follwing day with Elder Mag-Aso. He was actually a district leader in the Fairview Zone while I was there so we had a fun day. We did lots of street contacting, placed a baptismal date, even did some tracting and found some great new investigators. One of which was a sister, about 40 years of age, whom we tracted into. We contacted her 15yr old son in the street who took us back to his house to meet his mother. After some brief questions and pleasantries, we found out that her husband had just been killed 2 months ago in a car accident. Despite handling it well, she still appeared to be quite broken down. Right on her doorstep we began teaching about the Plan of Salvation and told her that she could in fact be with her husband again. That he was hearing the same message right now, that she was receiving. The message was from Heavenly Father about an eternal plan centered around progression through the atonement and gospel of His son, Jesus Christ. 

I love to testifying and teaching about the plan of salvation far more than any other piece of doctrine that we teach. It is the perfect plan, conceived by a perfect creator, and carried out by the perfect redeemer, and solidified by the perfect testifyer. No other religion or manner of belief/fantasy can even begin to compare to the Plan of our Heavenly Father. 

Have a Happy Halloween!
Elder Krueger T

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