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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 51 - Share the Light to See it Grow, or Hide the Light to Watch it Go!

Another wild week of trying to make QCNM a little bit better place. In the past the assistants weren't really able to get out to work in their own assigned area very often. One thing President Bertin has really been putting a lot of pressing on us to do is to make our area fruitful for baptisms. Last Sunday was pretty cool because in our ward correlation meeting, the ward mission leader kind of just skipped over our turn. So we said wait you there just a minute mister we've got souls who need fellow-shipping. To which he made a bit of a jab at us and we politely countered with saying that we had 7 people come to church that day. After a quick knuckle touch between Elder Kumar and myself, we looked up to behold his disbelief. I felt in a small way as the verse in Luke 20:40, "And after that they durst not ask him any question at all". We have been seeing fruits of the labor in many ways along our many travels, and it's been a lot of fun. 

On Monday we had to take a group of missionaries down to the immigration office in Manila. Upon return we took a wrong turn which led us to the ocean!! Of course, pictures were needed to ensure the safety of other missionaries if they so stumbled and made the wrong turn as well! We also met the Mission President from the San Pablao Philippines Mission, a way cool guy reppin' Oakley sunglasses, who said quote, "I don't know how you guys do it I would hate to be assigned here, it's so dirty and so many people!". Just a little shout out to the best mission on the Earth, respect to the soldiers. 

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had to do an Emergency Transfer involving an elder from my old area in Kalookan! It was great to go back and see my anak (Elder Roa) who was thrilled to reunited. He's had some rough obstacles placed in his way since last we parted but he is such a stud, and is doing great! Rumor has it he went on exchanges in another area and the investigators in that area keep asking when he is going to come back! He is seriously one of the most naturally gifted teachers I have met, I am a proud tatay ^_^.

On Thursday We were on exchanges with the zone leaders from Montalban, which marked my 7th exchange with Elder Carteciano! We have practically spent our whole missions together and yet never been companions, just always in the same districts and zones! He goes home this transfer, which will truly be a sad day for this mission. a fantastic elder who knows how to still have fun in every phase of the work.

Friday was Mission Leadership Council. Where the 22 zone leaders, 6 sister training leaders, office elders, and President/Sister Bertin met to discuss the direction of the mission. We are under a huge change in how the mission will go forward and its a lot of fun to be a part of. We have completely changed our goals, key indicators, focus, and productivity could never be higher. The sky is the limit right now and I have never met any individual as driven as President Bertin to reach that limit. A lot of cool things are happening and the work is undoubtedly hastening in ways that may never have been imagined. We are hoping for 1500 baptisms this year in our mission, which would almost be enough to create a new stake!

The focus has been placed on 2 areas. 1.) Sharing the gospel literally everywhere and anywhere and at any time. We have created new "pass-along cards" with information specific to our mission on the back to help us contact a greater amount of people. 2.) Working in unison with members. Helping members view this more so as their work, than our work and understand that our role is merely to support the missionary effort of the wards. Just this last Thursday on exchanges we were able to teach perhaps the most prepared family I have ever met. The entire lesson Brother was on the edge of his seat, asking questions and trying to remember every word that we said. He asked us 3 times when we could come back, and said please teach my family right after we come to church this Sunday. When Elder Carteciano extended the baptismal invitation, he couldn't even get half way through before brother said, "gustong gusto ko" under his breathe. Meaning, I really really want to. He asked for a Book of Mormon and where he should begin reading. When we assigned him to read the introduction and testimonies of the 3/8 witnesses he asked where he should read after that! All of this simply because the gospel was introduced first by a member, rather than the missionary.

The Lord has and is pouring out His spirit upon the face of the Earth, but as is the custom of the Lord, He unselfishly allows members to grow through providing them the opportunity to prepare another son/daughter of Heavenly Father to hear the message of the Restoration. If the Gospel is a blessing, and we are commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves, then the answer of "how" becomes almost primary. 
Share the light to see it grow, or hide the light to watch it go.

Elder Krueger T

Mission Leadership Council with Elder Rumar

Sis Bertin teaching at MLC

President Bertin teaching at MLC.  Preparing for new mission Goals!

Birthday celebration for Elder Krueger's 21st b-day

Birthday dinner

Happy Birthday to You!!

A wrong turn driving home took them to the Ocean

Ocean view

Beware of the dangers from taking a wrong turn.

Philippine countryside 

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