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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 47 - Have Miracle's ceased?

Have miracles ceased? I say unto ye, nay! Haha we had another great week filled with tiny miracles such as 13 new investigators and 10 investigators at Church! Also 2 of our investigators passed their baptismal interviews and will be baptized this coming Saturday! Brother Shane (17 years old) is awesome and has a goal reaching much further than baptism, we are talking future missionary in the next year or so! Brother Erwin (30 years old) is an incredible conversion story as well and is following the example of his wife who was baptized a few months ago. They have two super cute but incredibly makulit kids and are looking forward to September 6th, 2015 already as the day they will be sealed as a family for eternity. 

Unfortunately I won't be around too much to help see those goals through as I will be transferring tomorrow to the Lagro ward. Yes it would appear I'll be breaking out the Hymn "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go" about 4 months earlier than I expected. 
In the last 5 weeks I have already gotten so close with this ward and we have seen nearly 40 new investigators, so it will certainly be difficult to say good bye so quickly. Nevertheless the work goes on and someone else will fill my spot as the lucky companion of Elder Villapando within the common weeks. I have learned a lot here and am so grateful for all the people and relationships I started along with all those of my former areas. 

I leave my witness that this is the Lord's Work and that there is no time to complain against the wisdom of a perfect all-knowing God. Wherever thou art, act well thy part. 
Elder Krueger T


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