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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Week 46 - Tremendous progress

Pretty standard week, nothing too crazy happening which was nice just to focus on finding new investigators in our area. We have seen tremendous progression in our area and subsequently our zone as a whole has been doing great! In the past month we have managed to double all of our key indicators as a zone and have seen extraordinary increase in our finding. Last week we found and taught 75 new investigators!! Finding has been the focus of our mission these past few weeks and after the visit from a member of the 70, things seem to be exploding! Well at least in Fairview. 

Our coolest find this week as a companionship came from an unexpected OYM 2 weeks earlier. 2 weeks ago I OYM'd a young 23 yr old man hanging out about a block away from our local church. We tried to visit him the following week but he seemed hard to get a hold of. 2 weeks later, last Thursday night (after a very long day) we were looking for 1 more lesson before calling it a night. We couldn't think of a single person to teach at the time, but as we were standing there a thought came to mind that we should try the house of Jommary Sergote (the OYM). Seeing no reason not to we proceeded through the tiny dark alleys that lead to their home. We were greeted not by Jommary but rather his 2 parents. They informed us that Jommary wasn't home, to which we disappointingly remarked that we had a very important message to share with him. With peaked curiosity and after a few minutes of friendly conversation they invited us in the door and we began teaching the message of the restoration. The lesson went fantastic and after we taught the steps of praying to our Heavenly Father, the father of the house offered the closing player, asking to know if our words were true. We have come back and been well received and plan on teaching them regularly from here on. Sergote family consists of 2 parents and 7 children (ages 10-23). Just goes to show that there are golden families and individuals throughout the world, not partaking of the fruit of the gospel simply because they know not where to find it. 

This is the time of the Lord preparatory to His Second coming and He is preparing His sheep to hear His voice. The Savior trusts us enough to find this precious sheep whom He has carefully prepared. With us in all times, all things, and all places live in accordance with that sacred trust.

Elder Krueger T

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