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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 42- New area, new companion, new responsibilities

First week in the Don Antonio ward and no complaints about life so far! Our area has been struggling for the last couple of transfers but we were able to OYM quite a bit and find some new investigators so things are starting to look up already. I already love this ward soooo much! I've been so spoiled so far on my mission, all 3 of my areas have been awesome and the members have been great. I had the chance to speak for a few minutes in sacrament meeting about myself and my testimony of this work. We have a lot of great members, and we are already starting to gain their trust, which means the work should start hastening very soon! And not to brag but I think these fitted polos (Filipino word for white shirts) and pants are starting to pay off I got quite a few compliments saying that I looked like an "artista" or movie star hahaha. 

Geographically wise this is probably my favorite area so far, just because its the perfect combination between province and city. The houses are close enough together that our whole area is within walking distance and there is actually sufficient space for a house big enough for me to fit through the door! Haha everyone here seems genuinely friendly as well, we are already having tons of success just talking and OYMing people constantly on the street. Everyone is so shocked to see a tall white guy speaking Tagalog, which makes it pretty easy to start a conversation. We are completely focusing on bringing in a fresh teaching pool of investigators into our area as well as the zone. The work has declined a bit in the zone as whole which is concerning so we feel like focusing on getting at least 8 new investigators a week per companionship should help us re-energize the work in Fairview. 

My companion is Elder Villapando and he is from Zamboanga City here in the Philippines. He is a super funny guy and I like working with him a lot so we are going to have a great transfer I can tell already. We are both just super excited to get our area going and really start setting the pace with great success coming from our labors. I also have 2 Filipeno "kabahays", Elder Olbes and Elder Alejandro, they are great missionaries and we are having a lot of fun at the bahay. It's so much more fun to live as the only American when you know a little bit of the language! 

Well that's about it for this week, I guess I'll just close by saying the thing I said like 12 times in my testimony yesterday, "Natutuwa ako nandito!" Or I'm so happy to be here and I just love being a missionary. I feel just so genuinely happy all the time and find it hard not to joke and smile whenever I talk to the members or people in our area haha kinda weird. 
Elder Krueger T

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