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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 40 - overcoming the flu and remembering Toby

We had a tough week getting out because Elder Roa and myself were very sick but we still managed to help fertilize the area a little bit. We should have at least 10 investigators with baptismal dates by the end of this week and with 15 LAs at church last week, we are striving to see 20 make it out this upcoming Sabbath. 

I enjoy the less active work so much, mainly because it is a work many overlook and yet is even more essential than baptism. Without the enduring to the end or covenants available only within the holy temples, baptism in itself falls infinitely short of the requirements of Celestial Glory. When I think of less actives I can't help but think of D&C 15 and the worth of souls. Whether we are within or without the church we are all still precious souls to our Father in Heaven. I know because I would consider myself to have been a less active for many years back prior to my mission. It took the love and outreach of many Earthly angels to bring me back, through which process I learned the worth of my own soul. Perhaps that is why I feel so driven to help others return and recognize the peace and promises that come only to the faithful of Christ's restored doctrine. When I think of Heaven I picture seeing all of the converts I was able to see come unto baptism and it makes me truly happy. But then I picture a family standing in the presence of God there only because some missionary took the time to find and rescue them. To remind them of their covenants and teach them about the opportunity to be sealed forever within the temple. A rescued family won't bring a whole lot of glory to a missionary and there is no statistic within the key indicators that will give him credit, but to our Father in Heaven could there be any greater work or deed than a family returned to the truth and sealed for time and all eternity? No, the work is all the same, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Within or without the church we are all still investigators of our Heavenly Father and while we are all along different parts of the vision of Lehi, His goal remains only to bring us all back to the Tree of Life. Regardless of whether we are in the darkness, the river of filth, the great and spacious building, or even holding fast to the rod of iron. It is all the same work of the Lord, to bring to pass immortality to all men and eternal life to as many as will desire it.

I was able to go on an exchange last Saturday with Elder Rodriguez and he is doing great now. I think he is very happy and excited about getting his new trainer in Elder Crabb. Elder Rodriguez still has a long way to go in learning the the language, but being a Phil-Am he certainly has a leg up on most the foreigners. Once he gets the language down in the next several months I can see he is going to be a great missionary. He is humble, teachable, and most of all just ready to work. I pushed him a little bit to try teaching in our lessons rather than merely bearing testimony at the very end and he responded very well!

That was pretty much the life of a missionary this week, so I suppose I will close this email with a few words about Toby. Being the only child at the house for 6 years, I came to truly enjoy the quiet. It was something I thought was going to be a struggle for me to deal with on the mission cause given the choice between making casual conversation and sitting in silence I would actually prefer the silence. Now that has changed a little bit on the mission as making conversation frequently and with anyone in earshot has just become the standard. Yet still, I recall some of my favorite times back home were just laying on the ground perhaps reading or watching tv or just thinking. Always at these times I had Toby laying there right by my side or down at my feet (trying to steal the heater from me). 

That is what I will miss the most, having somebody there and yet being able to merely enjoy each others company without having to say a word. He didn't have to say anything but I knew that he loved me, and hopefully he knew that I loved him too. I can relate my relationship with Toby to that of Heavenly Father. He doesn't say a whole lot and yet He is always there and I know that He loves me. Even when I don't always give Him the attention that He deserves or treat Him right, He is still there right by my side ready to do anything with me or for me if I so much as say the word.
I love Toby and the blessing he was to my life for all those years, though I still regret wasting his potential as a pure bred hunter. I hope he enjoyed his time spent in mortality and I look forward to seeing him again in immortality.
Elder Krueger T

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