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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Week 38 - Life as a District Leader - anything can happen in Kalookan

We had a great week again in our area, the members have really come fully
on board with the work and it's just awesome to see how fast an area can
turn around with a fully supportive and actively engaged ward. In the last
two weeks we have yet to have a lesson without a member present! We have
done a lot of focusing on setting expectations and goals with our LAs
through using the NRMF. The success has been unparalleled and we are seeing
a number of LAs and full families returning to solid activity in the
Church, because of the vision of temple blessings. We continue to try
finding new investigators to teach as well and we're blessed to set nearly
a dozen baptismal dates in the last 2 weeks.

My companion Elder Roa is doing awesome despite this being only his 2nd
week in the field. He worked a lot with missionaries before his mission daw
and I can see how ready he already was from the get-go to share the gospel.
He is extremely excited about the work and doesn't have any fears with
talking to anyone about our message. No complaints here, I already know he
is going to be an incredible missionary.

As for the Alma district as a whole...there was a bit of an incident at the
Kalookan 1st house. It has been quite a nightmare to deal with, I think for
everyone involved and has taken a bit of a toll on our district as a whole.
A week from last Tuesday night, a little bit of a rumble went down in the
Kalookan 1 house. A certain massive 280lbs Polynesian elder has a great
heart but I think perhaps there has just been some pride and other issues
that have hardened him a bit. On this night there seemed to be a boiling point.
Another elder asked if he could quickly use the DVD player, which he
refused to share daw. When the elder stated that it was the church's
property and proceeded to take it, this large elder shouted, "You're not
gonna use it!!" To which he slammed his fists down and smashed the table in
two and then bounced up and proceeded to deliver several blows to the elder
who wanted to use the DVD player. Luckily a companion stepped in and gave just
a second enough for him to slip away and run upstairs. Several phone calls,
and another threatening of a beating, and a lot of blood later, this elder
and his companion were immediately removed from the house. They have been
living at our house while the visa papers get worked out to send the
attacker home. In the meantime some extremely intense encounters have
occurred between the two as this elder getting sent home seems to have lost
all care and respect for his leaders and just does whatever he wants haha.
Basically there is a 280lbs elder on the loose with nothing to lose and a
brand new (probably scared to death) missionary as his companion. I feel
like Mormon when I say I cannot even begin to write 1/100 of the events
that have taken place this week haha and it could not have come at a worse
time. The last week of President Sperry in the mission and the first week
of President Bertin! However, with things finally getting worked out it
should settle down and get back to business in the next week! I'll leave
the rest of the details out but as for my two cents, I think there were a
lot deeper problems Elder (massive Polynesian)  has been dealing with than
just another Elder trying to barrow the DVD player. I've noticed before
some control, anxiety, and anger issues and its sad that things escalated
to this point and effected so many people in a negative way. I hope
Elder (massive Polynesian) can get help with this back home, and I think
Elders (Victim), (His companion), and (the brand new trainee) will be able
to move on without anxiety once he is gone. They are all doing ok, but
there is just been a lot of tension and stress so I'm sure everyone is
looking forward to just moving forward. Elders (Victim) and (His
companion) are great missionaries and are extremely hard workers, so I'm
hoping this doesn't negatively effect the areas they have labored so hard
to build. I also admire the way Elder (the brand new trainee) has handled
himself despite being brand new in the mission and having such a terrible
(and terrifying) first 2 weeks. Elder (beat your face in) too does have a
kind heart and I think perhaps there has just been some pride and other
issues that have hardened him a bit. I hope he can get it worked out and
this won't be a cause for him to fall away from activity in the church.

Despite the drama and the terror and the negative consequences, it has been
kind of fun actually to be right in the middle of all of it! I feel like
I'm in a movie, and the best part is I didn't even have to get my face beat
in, so there's that. Hahaha if I've said it once I've said it a million
times, anything can happen in Kalookan!!

Love, Elder Krueger T

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