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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Week 37 - Training

We had another great week in UH with the highlight of 18 less actives at church! I have gained a HUGE testimony of the new and returning member form, I've just been using it to reset the expectation with our LAs and the result has been unbelievable. With an actual goal of attending the temple instead of merely a spiritual thought once a week, as well as a tangible sheet they can see the steps neccessary to accomplishing their goal. Going from 4 or 5 LAs to 18 LAs at church I attribute the credit obviously to the Spirit and the Lord, but also to that simple NRMF! I'll never teach a less active again without setting the expectation first through that form. 

MY bagong anak is Elder Roa, from Bicol. He is doing great, I can already tell he is going to be an incredible missionary. He worked a lot with the missionaries before his mission and it really shows, he is already a great teacher! He was a convert at age 15 and has a strong testimony. He is also incredibly humble, enough to qualify for the spirit and listen to the guidance of a bumbaling american trainer like me. He isn't shy at all to talk with people and the ward has received him well already. No complaints at all, and I expect him to train for himself very soon after he gets out of training and begin to raise me up a righteous seed of missionaries. That's what training is all about, setting a pace and bar so high right from the get go that they only want to keep raising that bar. I still remember my first week with Elder Jensen, and how it took over a week to find the time to unpack my clothes! I tried to follow in his footsteps by taking Elder Roa straight out to work that first day and just letting him loose. We worked really hard this week. Since he is Filipeno, knows the language, and is already a great teacher and missionary. I don't expect him to learn a whole lot from me but he will learn to work hard. With the agency of man and the extent of our own weaknesses there are many things we can do to become more effect and better servants, but at the end of the day the only thing always in our power to control is our diligence. After all, this being the Lord's work and the Lord's world, there are only 4 things we have to give him that he does not already have. D&C 4 the missionary section, reads "see that you serve Him with all your heart, might, mind, and strength". Those are the only 4 things in this world we have to give back to Him whom has created us and given us everything in the first place. Our might and strength I believe refers to our diligence and work ethic in His service. I recently read a talked titled, "The 4th missionary". The speaker describes the 4 different types of missionaries (or servants of Christ). The first is disobient and sent home. The second is disobedient and somehow makes it through his mission. The 3rd and 4th are the same in that they are both obedient and serve with their might and strength, but differ in one aspect. The 4th gives also his heart and his mind to the Lord. The 3rd sacrifices his own desires for a time, but does so grudgingly or only because he is longing for the day he can hang up the tag and start chasing after his own will/desires again. Only the 4th becomes a true convert to the Lord, never to go out of the fold. That is because he sets his desires and passions aside not for a season but forever to be replaced by the will of our Father in Heaven. Consider Mosiah 24 15 where the people of Alma did "submit cheerfully and with patience to the will of the Lord". The difference between might and strength, verses heart, might, mind and strength is the mindset when we do it. Do we bear and grit the Savior's yoke or do we submit cheerfully, full of faith in the Lord's promised blessings. 

Jesus Christ provided the perfect example of submitting with all His heart, might, mind, and strength through His entire life but more so especially in the Garden of Gethsemine. Out of perfect love and with perfect faith the only perfect bore our unspeakable burden, so that our yoke may be light. Considering that none of us our perfect it is impossible that we can bare all things with the same patience all the time. I wish I could say I was the 4th missionary but I find myself alot given my might and strength but reserving my mind and heart to myself. I see becoming the 4th missionary, or one in purpose with the Lord, as a change that takes place over time. As we experience mortality and agency/grace of the atonement, we come to realize that the Father's Will, will always be the best road for us to take, the one that always leads to the most joy and happiness. As a result we continue to trust in Him and His Son more more (aka greater trust) which leads to a greater surrender of our heart and mind. We repeat this process until faith turns to a knowledge and we become as Zion, perfect before the Lord walking in righteousness along His side. 

Elder Krueger T

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