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Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 35 - Pretty freaking AWESOME week

We just got beat pretty bad by the Meykawayan zone in basketball earlier today and it was all because we "just don't practice the fundamentals". The defense got pretty heated but we couldn't drain the outside shot, it just wasn't our day. I hate losing. I'll be a good sport and lose with grace but inside there is nothing I hate more. At least I know I'm on the winning team in life! #teammormon. Anyways other than that, we had a pretty freaking awesome week, probably the best so far in my mission.

It has taken 3 months to gain the complete trust and confidence of the members. Since then the work here in Caloocan has exploded! 2 of our investigators passed their baptismal interviews and are getting baptized next saturday, we had 5 investigators at church, and we taught 15 lessons with a member present! You best believe University Hills is setting the standard for member missionary work. The referrals and lessons are starting to come left and right from all sorts of sources, this is the first time in my mission I have gained a testimony first hand that the Lord truely is hastening His work. The blessings of work always seem to come at the end of the long day. Having never had a job before the mission I thought for sure I would get incredibly tired and bored of missionary work everyday, but not in the least. Actually it's quite the opposite for me, every day I look forward to getting out the door more and more with each new day. Our members are so cool and I'm just loving working with all of them and being around the Filipeno people. 

With the transfer approaching its end I am sad to say that Elder Lindley and I will not be together for a 3rd. Not sure exactly what is happening yet but I have a few friends in high places within the mission and one of us is for sure transfering. As well as the remaining elder will be forced to move back into our old appartment. So perhaps the greatest kabahayship in the history of missionary work will be all broken up. May God speed our journey to the day elder elms, harris, lindley, and krueger reunite in the Kahariang Selestial!! Also I'm pretty sure I'm training so hopefully my kid isn't a lazy bum or anything like that. We'll know more about all the details tomorrow and will try to fill you in next week. 

Another cool thing that happened this week is the attendence of 3 of our less actives at church. We had been teaching this family for months now and it kind of felt like we were getting to the point where they counted our weekly lessons as a substitute for church haha. So we went in there with the New and Returning Member Form (my favorite inspired document ever) and complete told them straight up, we love em but our only purpose in teaching them is to help them get into the temple. Once the expectation was set, the whole atmospehere change and we had one of the best less active lessons I have ever been apart of. Sure enough, the next day all 3 of them came to church for the first time this whole year. Goals and a vision are the keys to progression. Without expectation set it is impossible to move forward in any productive manner. And if we are not moving forward we are indeed moving backwards. Good counsil for every member I think would be to learn the value of goals and accountability. Not just to read for the sake of reading, or obey for the sake of obeying, but to do for the progressing. 

I am so thoroughy convinced that death in this life will not have a significant change to our status in the next life. What I mean is that we will be the same person following the separation of the body and the spirit. Therefore the thought of merely making our way through life content with simply being a good person, will never be enough. We must be perfected before we can enter into the Kingdom of God therefore whether it is obtained in this life or the next, the fact remains that it must be achieved. Every day we must get better, more Christ-like, and less like the natural man. Obtaining a body was the purpose for the creation of the world, but learning to master that body is the purpose of man. In the words of President Christensen, "Good enough, is not good enough". We must utilize the atonement and all the tools/words Heavenly Father has given unto us each day. Progression at any pace leads to perfection, but a lack thereof can only lead to darkness. 

Two choices each day, each hour, each minute, each second. To get better or worse. Let us all follow the example of our Heavenly Father in the council before the world was, and chose the first. 

Ingat palagi!
Elder Krueger T

All Mission Picture with Pres & Sis Sperry

P-day at the zoo.  Can you spot the monkey?

Elder KruegerT and Elder Lindley
translation:  I love Pineapple!

Looking super cool :)

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