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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Week 29 - Blessings come from following promptings

We had a pretty short week because of Temple Day just last Wednesday so not much to report. The highlight of course being Sister Joann Labrogue's baptism! 

We showed up to the church around 3 o'clock to find to our great horror that there was no water in the font. So Elder Lindley and I put all of our ingenuity to the test and tried to figure out how to shut the drain and start the water. Once we got that figured out all that was left was to wait patiently for 3 hours for the font to fill up haha. Also nobody had made a program so I threw one together on a sticky-note and conducted the service. haha. There was actually a pretty good showing from the ward and it turned out to be a great night. Joann bore her testimony after the baptism and then of course the following day in Sacrament she received the Holy Ghost. Seeing someone enter into the gate of baptism and proceed towards his or her salvation is definitely the sweet and tender moment that makes all the challenges associated with the work worth every bit.

We also were able to see 12 less actives show up for sacrament on Sunday which is certainly the most since I've been here so that was great to see families that we found start coming back to the fold. 6 of those less actives came as a result from responding to a prompting to visit the Tumanda family late one Saturday evening after a very long week of work. 

Never forgo a prompting for any excuse or reason, no matter how justified it may seem in your head. It is so interesting how it is usually at the end of the trial that a door finally opens to success and blessings. We would have been perfectly justified in going home but we felt like we just needed to get that one last lesson in and that's when the thought to visit the Tumandas came. If we had allowed our weariness and reasoning to take us home we would have missed the window that was, for but a brief moment, opened by the Lord. As a result an entire family that had been soften and prepared previously to accept our invitation to return, would have remained in darkness. 

There are sooo many great people both in the Church and without that are in desperate need of a visit or a deed of service from one of Christ's disciples. Promptings to serve, visit, or even teach are not in any way limited to missionaries only. Unfortunately in many minds it is viewed that way, but the role of a true disciple is not determined by ones calling but rather ones response to that calling. 

All who have entered into baptism and confirmation into the true restored church of Christ have covenanted to take open His name, remember Him always, keep His commandments, that they might thereby be worthy of His Spirit. An often under-looked principle of living worthy of Spiritual promptings is being willing to listen and respond when those sacred callings come. I testify that Heavenly Father most frequently answers prayers through His servants and in so doing allows for both the needful and the servant to be edified and grow. Only a perfect and loving Father could be so wise and gracious to gift us as disciples of His son,the opportunity to serve, even as imperfect tools, in His hand. 

Elder Krueger T

Sister Joann Labrogue's baptism!

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Elder Krueger T & Elder Lindley

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