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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Week 28 - Happy Easter

This week was kind of wild with Holy Week going on and all of our ward missionaries out on vacation. Considering we didn't have a single worker all week, we were still able to get close to 20 lessons in and a good amount of new investigators. 

As for our investigator we were working our butts off to get ready for baptism on April her interview she failed because she didn't fully repent for calling her friend bad names. So she then went and apologized and it went so well that they became best friends and suddenly decided to go on a vacation together where our investigator proceeded to break the word of wisdom. That was probably the most disheartening moment so far on my mission but it's probably a blessing really because it gives us 30 more days to really teach her the wisdom behind the word and give her an opportunity to strengthen her faith before the baptism. 

A great highlight on the other hand was that we OYM'd a guy on Tuesday, taught him twice that week, and he came to church that very Sunday! He has a previous wife/current wife problem but we will continue to teach him of course and hopefully he will continue to progress in the Gospel!

We are working on doing a ward fast for the missionary effort combined with a missionary fireside later in the evening after the "break the fast". With the weeks leading up to it we are trying to get to most of the members to give a copy of the BOM and do a practice teaching, with the goal being to ease their fears about sharing the gospel and hopefully get them excited about assisting in the hastening of the work. Not sure how it is all going to go over so I guess I'll just keep you posted! We are pretty excited about the idea though and have been planning, praying, and revising it for weeks in an effort to get the ward more on board and excited about the work of salvation.

We are focusing mostly this week on getting our investigator Joann ready for her upcoming baptism on Saturday. She is 17 years old and way cool, has no problems with any of the commandments, comes to church every week, has a great support system, but she just kinda has a hard time remembering some of the things that we teach. She has her interview on Friday and hopefully she will be able to pass that and the following day will be the service.

The highlight of my personal study for the week revolved around Helaman chapter 12, where after reading up to this point in the Book of Mormon I became so overwhelmingly shocked at how often and how quickly the Nephites fell away from the Lord their God. Combine that with how many less active RMs, bishops, and members I have had the privilege of finding and teaching over the past 6 months and I came to 1 simple conclusion. 

No body, no matter how many deeds or how strong the testimony is at one point, is safe if at any moment they stop to stand still. 

Like Elder Bednar put it so beautifully in his conference talk, It is the load that provides the friction to move us forward towards the Lord and His kingdom. Not even apostles are safe or guaranteed anything based upon their deeds unless they endure all the way through the finish. Life is hard, very hard. That's just how it is. Yes it is important to find joy in the journey and to enjoy life but I have come to realize that there will always be things we don't want to do. We must follow Christ's perfect example in these moments and continue to put one foot in front of another baring the cross of our own afflictions. In doing so I testify that we will quickly find the grace of the atonement enabling us to bare that cross with greater ease until it no longer becomes a burden but rather a blessing. 

Elder Krueger T

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