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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Six Months!

I can't believe I'm already 6 months into my mission! I suppose this fine occasion calls for a funny story that paints a picture about my mission up to this point. One fine morning around 3:30AM Elder Carteciano and I were sitting at the corner of the street waiting for the jeepney that would take us to the temple. When this old lady walks up and in English says, "Hey guys...(long pause)...welcome to hell". I respond politely in Tagalog that I'd been here now for 6 months and that it was about time somebody gave me a formal introduction. She promptly walked away saying nothing in return. I love my mission the people here are without a doubt the funniest, weirdest, nicest, and yet craziest people in the world all at the same time. I wouldn't even know where to begin telling stories about some of the weird things I've seen people do in my short 6 months here. All the heat, pollution, and over-population is totally worth living in, just to hang out and teach some of the coolest of God's children on the Earth.
However, with that being said, and after I received that enormous package from mom earlier this week, I cannot lie that I miss America. Its only fitting that when I received that package from my homeland I was reading in the war chapters of Alma about Capt. Moroni, the freemen, and the cause for liberty and country. God bless America, because America lets us praise God and worship Him with freedom of religion. Kinda random but just with my personal study lately I really have become so thankful to our founded fathers and patriots who made it possible for our Heavenly Father to commence the work of restoration. It is so incredible to me how inspired history has been. It has become so clear how heavy the hand of the Lord has been in establishing fertile soil in preparation for His Gospel to grow and spread throughout the whole world.
Earlier this week we had our zone conference (basically just a gathering of all the missionaries from the Kaloocan, Meykwayan, and Valenzuela zones), were President and Sister Sperry and the APs gave workshops. President gave an incredible workshop about the scattering and gathering of Israel and used probably 100 different scripture verses to explain it. The most fascinating part of his workshop I thought was when he talked about the evolution of technology. 

From the time of Adam down til the life of Joseph Smith the only mode of transportation was walking or maybe horse back. And the only form of communication was written letter or word of mouth. Then all the sudden right after the Restoration of the gospel, there comes an explosion of industry and technology. Today we can communicate across the whole world at the click of a button. We can travel the entire world within a single day. Now, are people today really that much smarter than the likes of Abraham or Isaiah or Moses? Not a chance. These advancements have been directly inspired by the Divine Creator for the specific purpose of gathering the house of Israel in preparation for the coming of the Lord. That is the one and only reason for these incredible gifts of advancement. Therefore it is absolutely vital that we use these gifts for the purposes in which they were given to man. To spread the Gospel and make His paths straight. The work is hastening, but not nearly fast enough. Many people have heard of Mormons now today but very very few have actually heard about the restored gospel and priesthood required for our salvation. Simply getting the name of the church out there or being an example to the world is no longer sufficient enough. We must all be actively engaged in sharing the Gospel. I am convinced that it will not only be missionaries and those set apart to the teaching of the word that will be required to give an accounting for our efforts, but it will be ever single member as well. From the 8 year old baptized this morning to the prophet himself, no one who has received a portion of the fruit of the tree of life through partaking of the Gospel of Christ is exempt from in turn sharing the greatest gift given to man with others.
I am sure that within the next 18 months there will be new technology that I will have no idea how to use. I would advice us all to heed the council of Jacob in simply saying, "Oh be wise, what can I say more". Technology is a gift from above given to hasten the work and strengthen our communications. However, as with every gift given to man, the adversary is well aware of its potential and seeks at every turn to corrupt the hearts and minds of men into misusing that gift. The powers of procreation, the strong drinks and wines, even the ability to speak with a common language were all gifts given to men and look at how they have been abused and become the core for sin and wickedness upon the Earth. This new gift specific to our day and age is perhaps the most dangerous and influential of all. As we move forward in this new day and age let us always remember that it is not an era of man and wisdom, but the era of the Lord and His work in bringing Salvation unto His elect before His day comes to reign on Earth. Therefore we must first seek to build His kingdom with these new tools of technology before we seek to build our own.
Elder Krueger T

These toys aren't made for giant missionaries.  

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