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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

CONFERENCE WEEKEND (a week late in the Philippines)

SO pumped about the new nephew this week! I hope he grows up to be a big poly linebacker or maybe a runnerback, it'd just be a shame to waste that kind of a blood line to see him end up as a kicker or something! Haha

This week was awesome because of the opportunity of course to listen to conference! I have come to find that general conference for missionaries is bigger than the Superbowl for the rest of the world haha. We pretty much spent most the whole weekend at the stake center with the whole zone hanging out and listening to the modern prophets and apostles of the day! We were able to get a couple of our investigators out to watch conference too which was an awesome chance for them to hear the Gospel preached straight from the leaders of the church.

I loved all of the talks given but two in particular stood out to me personally above the rest. 

The first was the talk by M Russell Ballard in which he talked about the necessity for follow-up as well as the calling of every member of the church to be sharing the Gospel. He also mentioned how every member should obtain and begin to study a copy of PMG. After 6 months on my mission, my advice would be exactly the same thing. 

When I first came into the mission field, being a little prideful, I thought PMG was merely a reference book and it would do more good to go straight to the source and rather study only the 4 standard works in depth. Over some humbling times, however, and a few chastisements from zone leaders I have started studying PMG every single day. The every word contained in that book is specific to the calling of the saints of this last dispensation, in that every word is concerned solely about saving souls through the preaching of Christ's restored gospel. As we study the words written for simplicity by modern prophets, we will begin to grow stronger in our own testimonies and our desire/courage to share with all of God's children will grow as well. I hold PMG as sacred as any other volume of scripture. 

The second talk I found incredibly striking was the talk given by President Eyring.  I think it is because President Eyring holds many similar characteristics as Bishop Tanner that I feel as if every one of the messages he delivers is coming to me personally. His words on holding FHE's, scripture study, and bearing testimony to your children in their youth will allow the Holy Ghost an opportunity to call them to remembrance later in their lives. 

I thought about how it was the testimonies of my parents and all my leaders of the Book of Mormon that were the cornerstone to my decision to read the word and test out Moroni's promise for myself. If it had not have been for those many testimonies in my youth, the Holy Ghost would never have had the opportunity to recall the promise of Moroni to my memory and perhaps I would have wandered in darkness for many more years. Perhaps even for many years into the next life as well. 

So I will follow the words of President Uchtdorf and declare and attempt to live in a spirit of gratitude daily of the saving and enabling grace that the Savior has, and continues to offer me. 
Elder Krueger T

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