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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Loving San Jose

Another week here in San Jose and just 12 more days til my dude Frans is getting baptized!! Unfortunately he is our only progressing investigator...but thats ok! We got a couple of new investigators this week and 2 new faces at church on Sunday so the work is progressing slowly. The bad news, the stake president basically came out and said the ward wasn't ready to split because of the lack of full-tithe paying melchiezidek priesthood holders so maybe next year the split will happen. Its ok though hopefully that might generate some renewed desire to strengthen the ward! 

The sad news is most of our investigators with baptismal dates have been taught for awhile and they all have word of wisdom problems. One of them has been taught by missionaries for 8 years now! He came to church the last two sundays so we picked him back up and started reteaching him the lessons again. He says now that he is older and is starting to see the end he really wants to change and do the right things. So we are trying to work with him and our other investigators with set backs. Mostly that involves constant attention and trying to fill their time with positive and uplifting actions that keep them from the desire to relaps. So far the success has been visiable but minimal. 

I love the people here in San Jose so much, especially the members and the people we teach! I can't even begin to describe how weird they are, so naturally I fit right in ^_^.

In other news Ian Khang sent me a letter in which he told me he was at the BYU athletic training center and when he mentioned my name, all the trainers talked about how much they used to make fun of me for how skinny I was but also how much weight I put on. Which made me feel good until I looked in the mirror and realized I have a nice old rice belly already, and am completely out of shape in just 5 months. That was slightly depressing.

I went on exchanges with Elder Steltzer on Saturday and had an absolute blast. He's a john dear mechanic from Idaho and can quote every line from Dumb and Dumber so we get along like two peas in pod. He's such a humble guy and just exuberates the Spirit in lessons I really admire that about him! He teaches in such a calm and quite manner that you just can't deny a word he says because it comes with a power. We got punted alot and ended up walking like 15 miles that day I think, but it was a ton of fun and it was just what I needed!

We just keep working hard out here in San Jose,  I probably only have 13 days left in the area so I'm trying to make every minute count!
As always,
Elder Krueger T


Re-enactment of the First Vision

JunJun looking like a stud at church!

Ran into Elder Jensen at the Mall!  Happy Day!

Celebrating Elder Tumales Birthday 
On exchanges in San Rafael with Elder Steltzer

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