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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 19 - Opportunity to grow & improve Tagalog

First week into the new transfer was pretty slow but is starting to pick back up again. We got 6 new investigators this week and gave out 3 baptismal dates which means if all goes well we should have 5 baptisms in the upcoming 5 weeks. I'm pretty excited about all the work that is starting to come about in our area, and its awesome to see the ward finally starting to get excited about it too. There are many rumors that the ward is going to split in March, which means we really really gotta get the missionary effort going if the two new baby wards are going to survive. There is great attendance at sacrament the real problem here is the lack of priesthood leadership. Only 20 active, tithe paying priesthood holders now means that there would only be 10 in each new ward. I'm a little nervous that if the ward splits too soon, both the new wards will start off on a very shaky foundation which could lead to huge trials and problems to come. However, if the members are ready and willing it could be a fantastic opportunity for new people to step up and develop as leaders of the Church here in San Jose. 

Its been a little different not having Elder Jensen around, we just got along so well it didn't even feel like a mission most of the time we were having so much fun. The challenge now is being the only English speaker in our companionship, at our house, in our ward, and in the city of San Jose. Its ok though I knew this day would come eventually. I can communicate and get the base of my point across just fine but its completely exhausting and frustrating to not be able to speak fluently or express your real opinions. I guess you could say I just felt a little lonely at times this week but that's ok its given me A LOT of time to pray and talk to my pops up tops. 

Anyways enough of that, Elder Sabaupan is a very very good missionary and I am learning a lot from him, particularly in Tagalog, so it'll be a good experience. He is very talented speaking in the Tagalog language and just commands the attention of the room whenever he teaches. He is extremely bold with everyone he meets and has no problem saying whatever is on his mind, which might be exactly what the area needs! hahaha funny story he was asked to give a 5 minute get to know you/testimony in church and he turned it in to a 25 minute sermon on how the ward needs to be more involved in the missionary effort, it was great. Even though he can be pretty bold I don't think it comes across as offensive because he is a native Filipeno and it must work because our numbers have gotten better already in just one week! Even though we don't exactly have similar personalities and he is 7 years older than me, I am grateful for this opportunity to learn from him over the next couple of weeks. 

We will continue to do what we do everyday as missionaries. Find, teach, and bring people closer to Christ. 
Until next week,
Elder Krueger T

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  1. No photos this week. :( He said they had just come from playing basketball and he didn't have his camera with him. So hopefully lots of photos next week. PS The basketball domination continues. Elder Algar was dropping 3's all day. lol