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Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 18 - Baptisms & transfers

Training has officially come to a close as of this morning and tomorrow the next adventure begins. I'll be staying at least one more transfer here in San Jose which I couldn't be happier about! Unfortunately Elder Jensen, my tatay, is being transferred to Camarin and will become a Zone Leader out there. He was the best trainer I could have gotten and I am so grateful to have had him as my first companion! He's still got a year left in the mission and will probably be the next AP though so I'll probably be seeing him around quite often. My new companion will be Elder Sabaupon, a Filipeno from Bicol I believe. I don't know a lot about him but he is the new district leader so he's gotta be a pretty good guy I would assume. I pick him up tomorrow morning so I'll drop some more news on him next week. I don't know how the San Jose Kings are going to survive without Elder Jensen, we have yet to lose a game of basketball on pday and I don't plan on letting that streak of dominance go any time soon. Also some more disheartening news is that Elder Kumar and Elder Bustillio (two of the coolest missionaries in the mission) got transferred out of our zone but its all good I'm sure the new guys coming in will be great additions.

This week flew by pretty quick just because of how much stuff we had going on, we hardly even had time to teach! I'll just focus on Saturday because that was by far the most jam packed day so far in the Philippines.

The morning started out with us attending a "mini-MTC" from 7am-1pm in which all the full-time missionaries from our stake ran an "MTC" for all the 16+ aged members who are thinking about serving missions. Elder Jensen and I had to give a workshop about goal setting, planning, and accountability. After the MTC madness was finished we grabbed a hotdog and headed out to AmnityVille to witness the baptism of two elders in our district. As soon as that was over we ran back over to our own chapel for our baptism of JunJun, Jamaica, and Angie. During the LONG proceedings of the baptismal program I was sitting there with knots in my stomach freaking out like this was the state championship game and the ball was coming to me. The biggest fear in life is "what if I drop the ball", or in other words I was thinking to myself, can I do this, am I worthy of such a great responsibility to officiate physically for what will be then bond and sealed eternally?? I said a very humble prayer to my Heavenly Father and an overwhelming feeling of peace came over me. I had felt a voice (yes felt, no other way to describe) that in many words had pronounced me clean and commissioned by Christ. Immediately following all worries, fears, and sickness completely abandoned me. Later Elder Jensen was talking about how cold the water had been and I honestly couldn't even say that I had felt the water, it was as if for a small instant my spirit had taken full precedence over all things physical. Needless to say it was the most humbling and joyous experiences in my entire life. No way I'm going home, no way. I'll spend every day the rest of my mission, if for nothing else, just to get a taste of that feeling back again.

After the baptism we were quickly ushered over to the Silvoza house were a funeral service was being held. Elder Tumale, Elder Algar, Elder Jensen, and myself were asked to give a sermon on the plan of salvation to about 100 people, mostly non-members, all gathered around a very echo-y microphone. It was pretty intense I would have loved to have been able to go off in English but since my tongue is bound to the limits of Tagalog, I stuck to what I knew and the sharing of many scriptures instead. I'm pretty grateful for having to learn a new language because it has forced me to become completely reliant upon the spirit and the scriptures to teach truth. Really it doesn't matter what language you speak as long as the scriptures are translated into that language all you have to do is find the appropriate verses for that person and its game over. Why use your own words when there are prophets and apostles who have already said it so much better. 

Anyways the work is good and life in San Jose moves on no matter what missionaries are serving here. I'm excited for what the next 6 weeks will bring for me, my companion, and our area!

Nang-taos puso, 
Elder Krueger T

Baptism of Angie, Jamaica & JunJun

After the funeral service

Mini-MTC Stake Activity

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