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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 17 - P-day at the Zoo

I have heard the Seahawks were able to finish off Payton Manning in a big way this week and that brings a big smile to my face, mostly because Elder Jensen is a huge Broncos fan. He's so lucky transfers are next week otherwise he'd never hear the end of this. Just kidding in reality for me its like the superbowl never even happened. If a tree falls in the woods when nobody's around does it make a noise? If the Seahawks win the Superbowl and nobody within 5000 miles knows what a football is did it really happen? I guess I'll have to wait 20 months to watch the recording to find out. 

Its kinda cool how just a year ago if the Seahawks would have been in the Superbowl it would have been one of the biggest days of my life. Instead here in the Philippines I'm more concerned about what I should put on my rice when I go home after I send this email. Pretty wild how fast your perspective can change when you get to experience another part of the world. Really its just like high school, the insignificant things mean the whole world to you an them as soon as you graduate and look back three months later none of the same things matter anymore. I feel like already that's happened a little bit to me on my mission. Not that I've turned into a completely weirdo yet or anything but I just feel like all the temporal focuses and possession I had before really don't mean a thing compared to whats really important in life. I suppose that was the true meaning of Christ's words when he said, "lay not your treasures up on Earth...but lay up for yourself treasures in heaven". Basically all that we know temporally and physically will come to an end of its existence at some point, only those things which are of a spiritual significance will rise again with us.
Anyways the highlights for this week was first and foremost that my dawg JunJun passed his baptismal interview with flying colors and is all set and ready to go for February 8th! Also we had 15 LAs at church today which was incredible that's probably the most important statistic we keep tract of other than baptisms and investigators at church. 15 LAs and 4 investigators is by far the best our ward has done since I've been here and its just awesome to see how much our ward has been stepping up lately. We finally got a home teaching program going which is fantastic because they gave assignments to visit LA families first. This should do two things for us as a ward. One, increase the amount of fellowshiping and activity for LAs in our area. Two, give our priesthood holding brethren an opportunity to serve, grow, and develop.  Not only that but our ward missionaries have stepped up to the plate as well and we have some many more people asking to work with us now instead of us having to go try and tract them down! I expect huge things will be done here in San Jose because these members are taking the Lord's call to hasten the work of salvation. We are far from where we can be as a ward but we are certainly headed in the right direction and the Lord will be on our side as we continue to put His work before our own. 

The saddest part of my mission so far occurred yesterday as Brother Silvoza passed away. His son is a member of the bishopric and we were teaching him the lessons but because of problems in his passed with the word of wisdom his liver failed last week. On Saturday we came over to give a lesson and he was in such terrible shape as I have never seen a human being before. We gave him a blessing of peace noting specifically that he would receive enough strength to endure this challenge. After the blessing he held our hands for a good couple minutes continually saying "salamat salamat". The next day his son was asking us if he could still be baptized and it seemed like the family really thought he would be ok. However, the Lord took him around 2 oclock yesterday afternoon. I have no doubt as that he will accept the gospel in the next life but I do not know as to his current state our the status of his position with the Lord for the Eternities to come. It really dawned on me how important it is to hasten the work, because we never know when our time or more importantly someone else's time will come to an end. When it comes down to it all good people have two choices. Either endure well for a tiny period of time while they are on the Earth or endure for a space of time after this life in that temporary prison often referred to in the Book of Mormon as hell. It is of the utmost importance to always take upon ourselves the name of Christ and live worthy of his name, so that we might enter into His rest both in this life as well as the life to come. 

Also we went to Avilon Zoo today which is the largest in the Philippines daw, and you get to play with the animals way more than would be acceptable or safe in an American zoo so it was prettyyyy fun. I made this MASSIVE white tiger mad and he jumped up on the cage wall, it was cool. 

Elder Krueger T
 Elder Jensen's 1 year celebration.
 Tradition of burning a white shirt at the 1 year celebration.
Trying on hats in the market.  (These would be great for shade & rain!)

 P-day at the biggest Filipino Zoo.  Trixie seems very friendly.

 Beautiful White Tiger.
 Don't mess with the Tigers!

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