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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sorry there was no email this Monday, we had temple PDay today instead so thats why. Also sorry if there are lots of typos and this email is really short, this computer is absolutely awful and the keyboard keys get stuck when I type. I think I have already developed arthritis.  this is killing my hand just to type on this thing haha.
So this week was another great one with 3 highlights in particular. First, of course was the fact that we got to visit the temple today and it was definitely the best temple session I have ever been to. I truely had my eyes opened during the session and learned some incredibly symbolic things, I guess in two years we can go to the temple and I'll tell you about it haha. I realy just have quickly grown to have so much love and respect for that sacred house its absolutely amazing how much knowledge and spiritual strength can be drawn from just a 3 hour period in the temple . I just love being there and the feeling of comfort that comes when you can literally enter into the Lord's rest and leave all the burdens of missionary work and life at the door outside.
The second highlight was zone conference which was held on Monday at the mission office chapel. Not only did we get fed some of Sister Cherry's deliciously famous ulams and deserts, but because President Sperry gave some deep workshops. He gave from great stories about debates he has had with other religions  and then talked about the 3 geat eternal truths revealed to Joseph Smith and the 3 great herecies used by the Devil to counter them.  The ending point was how pressing it is that we share our knowledge to the rest of the world. It was just an awesome day and really sparked some great thoughts and studies that I intend to pursue in my personal studies this week.
The third highlight was that we have a baptism set to go through for Feb 8! J.J. who is 12 and J. who is 10 are set and ready to become members. Don't be fooled by their age! In particular J.J. knows more about the gospel then most the people in our ward.  he is going to be one heck of a priesthood holder in the next couple of years, I've never met a kid as tiny and as brilliant. It almost wasnt going to go through because J's mother works in Saudi Arabia and her dad hasn't been seen in many many moons....but some how her crazy aunt came through in the clutch and obtained written consent for J to be baptized into the church. Our next stop is to bring the gospel to the rest of J.J's family as well as J's aunt and grandma. Its a little bit strange how supportive there guardians are about our church and yet they don't seem to be interested in obtaining what the church has to offer for themselves. We have faith they will come around though and one of these days that entire street will become active members thanks to the example of these two young kids.
Thats about all for this week, my personal study has been pretty rad lately that has been my favorite part about the mission is how much hungrier I have grown for knowledge in the gospel. I really think I want to get some sort of degree in religion when I come home. Anyways thats it for now, more on Monday!

Elder Krueger
Jeepney's!  This is how we ride around town.  Pretty sweet!  (Taggart said this area is well known for the souped up Jeepney's.  This one is pretty wild, but what most of them look like in his area.  This is like Mass Transit. j You just hop in the back, pass your money up front and hop off when you arrive at destination)


After. 30 people in the back of a Jeepney.  No problem.

New San Jose custom made Ward Uniforms.  

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