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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week 9 - Trophy of Trophies

Pretty wild week with all the follow-up training and zone interviews. Also had the opportunity of going on 2 exchanges so that was a great learning experience. The only down side was not being able to get a lot of work in our area done. However, once the madness of the holiday season calms down there will be plenty of time to get back to the daily grind!
Tuesday - We had Zone Training meeting this day, which is basically when the whole zone gets together to hear a workshop from the ZLs and hear the new rules/announcements from the President. It was pretty fun and we all went to MacDo after which was quite literally a little piece of heaven. Later in the day we visit Gerry and Sol, our recent Convert/Investigator combo, who spoiled us with a delicious dinner after our lesson.
Wednesday - First exchange! Went on exchanges with Elder C over in Amnity 2. We had a pretty insane day. First we powered hard through 4 great lessons just before the rains came in. As soon as the rain died down Elder C wanted to show me the coolest field in his area. As we went to the field we noticed a Caribau and asked the maari (owner) if we could ride it. He said sure and we both got the coveted "trophy of trophy pics". Riding a cariau in full proseltying clothes, holding ang aklat ni mormon. Needless to say the entire zone was jealous because I became the first to get the pic and I've only been out 2.5 months! I think the scriptures about the first being last, and the last shall be first, were truly fulfilled on this day. Later in the evening we went over to a family for FHE and all the practice with characters payed off. Our team straight dominated in a game of sharades. After which we had a great dinner, topped off with a little ice cream.
Thursday - We had follow-up training today which is when all the Elders/Sisters who are being trained meet together for a conference held by the President and the APs. President Sperry is a really enlightened cat, he knows the Gospel like an apostle and I've really enjoyed sharing gospel insights with him!
Friday - Weekly Planning today and a great day for teaching. Really our best work day just taught a few lessons with the highlight being Brother B. First time I understood what was going on the entire lesson and was able to respond in Tagalog to a few of his questions. We really think we had a break through lesson with him and are hoping for big things here to come.
Saturday - Exchange #2 with our Zone Leader Elder R. Elder R is the man.  He is a semi-pro skier and turned down the chance to play baseball for UVU, I'm pretty sure he knows my cousin whose on the UVU team but I couldn't remember his name. Anyways we had tons of fun out in his area and saw some crazy stuff (their area is out in the province). We went to visit this family who just the day before Elder R visited and the mother was giving birth to a child. We went to see how they were doing and one of their sons was struck with some sort of rash symptom disease. The cool thing was right after we gave him a blessing he immediately stopped crying and calmed down to a gentle sleep. The priesthood is the direct ability to tap into the power of a Celestial Being, pretty cool.
Sunday - Taught a few lessons and strengthened the members, not the most exciting day.
Monday -  Zone interviews today. Had the opportunity to meet with President one and one and discuss some doctrine I've been studying which was cool.  I've had some fantastic studies so far on the mission and that is definitely been my favorite part of the mission thus far. I truly feel my testimony has grown from a hope, to a faith, to a knowledge, and soon a pure knowledge is what I'd like to develop. I'm mostly reading in the Pearl of Great Price, coupled with sections from D&C studying the purpose of the pre and post mortal existence along with Satans role in the Plan of Salvation. I've learned from pretty insane stuff and based on what I've seen I can tell you that as surely as Jesus Christ liveth, so too does Satan and his sworn angels. They are all around us and have had more influence on the wickedness then we could ever comprehend.
Tuesday - District meeting, nothing crazy. We got punted all day not that fun.
Wednesday - Went to the temple which is a great relief to be in a place where the adversary could not be present. The temple is without a doubt my favorite place in the world and truly is the house of the Lord, which His presence can frequently if not always be felt.
That about raps it up, I'm pretty excited for Christmas and skype! Hope all is going well and I'll see you guys in a week!  Elder Krueger T

 Elder Chato's Birthday

Elder Jensen and I with the Elder Carr twins. Both served in the Philippines started and ended on the same day.  The Carr twins release was delayed for some reason so they were able to serve a few weeks together in QCN while waiting to get cleared to return to the US.  
 Trophy of Trophies

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